“Scotland’s greatest exports”, it is often said, “are its sons and daughters”.

This is not surprising when you consider the amount of emigration, voluntary and otherwise, which has been a hallmark of Highland life for centuries.

Through the hardships of weather, famine and the outrage of the Highland Clearances the wider world has enjoyed the rich harvest of transplanted Highland people. Almost all of them feel a yearning and sense of belonging and homecoming when, often after generations, they revisit their mother soil.

Prime ministers of Canada, Australia and other far flung dominions, generals, physicians, poets, inventors and conservationists. All bring honour to their native land. Very ordinary folk have sown the seeds of community and enlightenment to dark corners of the world. Wherever they go if “the Heart is Highland” then the welcome is warm.

Visit Hugh Miller’s cottage where many of his literary works were penned.

Learn at Dingwall how General Sir Hector MacDonald conducted his military endeavours.

Witness the pomposity of the Duke of Sutherland’s statue atop of bleak Ben Bragghie and see firsthand the obscene grandeur of his ancestral home at Dunrobin Castle.

Hear how the Gaelic seer, Coinneach Odhar(Kenneth Mackenzie) was scorned when he predicted that “boats would pass either side of Tomnahurich Hill.”

This was indeed to come to pass by virtue of the fact that the Caledonian Canal was to be dug out along the Northern side of the Cemetery Hill, the river winding its customary path down the south side.