HAME Tours is a completely independent company, we have no affiliation with or sponsorship from any other entity.

We guarantee you that any facility we may visit on your trip, whether it be shop, exhibition, restaurant or hostelry, has no fiscal relationship with us and we do not receive any commissions or gratuities from them to induce us to try to influence where you visit.

Although our Tours pages make suggestions as to itineraries, HAME Tours does not operate preset schedules and we customise all trips to suit the interests and wishes of the visitor. Talk to us, tell us what interests you – whether it be seeing the homelands of your ancestors or checking out whisky distilleries or whatever else – and we’ll give you suggestions as to what you might enjoy visiting.

We simply love the landscape, culture and music of our beautiful country and want to share it with you to make your visit one filled with cherished memories.

As the founder member of the North’s first design and public relations agency, Dynam Marketing, his involvement in the origination and distribution of the publication “Explore” for the Highlands and Islands Development Board, further qualifies him to be your guide.

He is a singer, well known in folk music circles. As your tour progresses Andrew will include songs and references to their relevance in a tapestry which illustrates the links between musical culture and historical legacy.

He is a member of the Clan Donald Society and has always had an avid interest in researching the history of the Highlands.

Andrew is a lifelong activist and campaigner for the restoration of Scottish National Sovereignty.